Services - Web Design and Development

I offer full web design and development services from start to finish. Whether itís for a basic website, to a full blown application, or a new mobile craze. I have a vast amount of experience I can use to make your ideas a reality. I especially like projects that are unique and havenít been done before. I also have a number of contacts if extra help is required!

The user experience

When creating your new website it is very important that the new design is pleasing to the eye and interacts well with the user. I can help create a new original look, as well as develop an interface thatís easy to use and is enjoyable and fun. Not to forget, it will also work in all the browsers, screen resolutions and on all operating systems.

A cool new App

Are you looking at creating the next Facebook, or maybe you want to create a new online local search tool. I can help you realise your goals using my own experiences designing and developing online applications.

WordPress Themes

Want the benefit of a CMS (Content Management System), but not at a huge expense. I can develop you a custom wordpress theme (what the site looks like) to suit your needs, so you can have the benefit of editing your own website. I can also create you a custom Wordpress plugin if needed.

Grand Experimentation

When thereís a will thereís a way!!!! If you have an idea that people have said it canít be done, or they have no idea how to do it, well Iíd love to have ago. Iím abit of a crazy inventor type of a guy. I like to do things that havenít been done before and push the boundaries.

If you have an idea but donít really know what to do, then let me have a look at it and I will give you an idea how you could possibly move forward.

Servers, Email, Spam, Oh My!

If you have a website and maybe a server set up, but donít really know how to use it or donít understand the options. I offer consulting services for all technical issues relating to anything to do with domains the web and your emails.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO

ďI want to be number one in GoogleĒ

If you want Google ranking thereís two ways of getting it. You either pay for it, or you optimise your website for Google. Or Both! I can optimise your website for you so that it has the best chance of ranking well in Google. Iím happy to explain to you how this works as well. Please be aware there are no guarantees in the ranking game. Anyone that promises rankings is lying. Even Google says this!

For the nerds

Technologies I use!

XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery Mobile

All sites are tested on all common browsers and common screen resolutions, and different platforms, including mobile.


GoLive: June 2012

Colin runs a home energy rating business and already has the domain He wanted to take advantage of changes in the Australian regulations to the new 6 star ratings. He purchased a new domain name and I created a site using Wordpress. I created a new child theme based on a theme that had all the right features for his new website.

GoLive: March 2012

Floyd started a mobile coffee business in Melbourne. He had a vision of his clients being able to order their coffees via an SMS as they drove to work. We discussed the possible options to make this happen. I then created an application allowing users to sign up and create predefined orders so that they could easily order their coffees via SMS or a mobile web app.

The application has been built using the Zend Framework to support a standard MVC based approach. Jquery Mobile was used to build the mobile app, and BurstSMS was chosen for its SMS gateway. The current site is a stage one release with a newer version currently in final testing.

GoLive: Febuary 2012 is a basic mobile web app used to get your location so you can SMS your friends your location. It came about after wanting an app to do just that, and some free time to play with creating a mobile web app.

GoLive: August 2010

Tatiana needed a good looking website to help market her new massage therapies business. We decided to use Wordpress as it enabled flexibility going into the future. She can easily edit the site herself, and can add extra plugins in the future if needed. As Tatiana had a small budget we searched for a free theme that was close to what she wanted ( I then customised the theme and built a custom plugin for the contact form (as others werenít suitable). Compare the two themes to see how much the theme has changed.

GoLive: August 2010

This was another visual concept to website job. The layout was designed by a colleague and I turned it into a website for them. One nice feature is the gallery image scroller which I designed from scratch rather than using someone elseís code or a framework. Also of note is the JavaScript contact form. I do this to minimise spam with out making the form ugly with Captcha fields.

GoLive: August 2010

A visual concept to website job. The layout was designed by a colleague and I turned it into a website for them. It was very important that the website looked exactly like the initial design, which I'm happy to say was achieved down to the pixel (well a few pixels here and there :) ).

GoLive: April 2010

Laura Trillitzsch Designs. Designed to display Laura's Art and Crafts. This site was designed from scratch with a custom made application.

    The client wanted:
  • to display the items she creates on a website.
  • the site to be very easy to manage.
  • to use her existing account.
So the site was designed to link to etsy for the final sale of her products. The custom administration section is integrated into the site so that any changes made are viewable instantly. Laura wanted to create her own images for the website, so I have integrated her own artistic design into the site.

GoLive: May 2010

Laura Trillitzsch Photography. Laura wanted to use the open source pixelpost photoblog application with the custom Pixelfy v2.0 template. This setup wasn't completely what the client wanted and had a few application errors. So I was asked to modify the template and customise the application behaviour. I updated the design elements of the template and fixed some errors the template was causing. I modified the application, and finally added a contact form so users could contact Laura.

GoLive: February 2010

My website. A simple artistic expression of good web design, and my own character!

GoLive: February 2010

Mauro Palmieri Photography. Mauro had a visual concept of his new website but no knowledge of how to create it. So using his design I created the website exactly as he imagined it. He wanted the site and images to load quickly and the images to swap in a way as to not reload the page each time.

A project I have been working on since early 2008. This is an experimental logon system and data centralisation application. This is the future of the web. Coming to a website you know! ( uses this system)

An online version of the game I used to play at school. You have probably played it to.

Home energy ratings. I have managed this website since its release, designing and developing each new phase of the site. It has gone through a few different versions since being released a few years ago.

Another project that I had been working on for about 2 years, 2006 - 2008. This is a social networking website like facebook or myspace but based around the events in your life, and trying to get people out into this world and doing something. Unfortunately I stopped development on this to work on so the interface is abit messy. But it does work, and you can see all the features that have been built into it. I plan to redevelop the idea using the coreplexus services.

A drum n bass forum that Sam and I started in 2006. I have managed and customised the site since we started it!

Plus a whole heap of other earlier works.

The Seven Eleven Obsession Ė 7:11

So whatís with the 7:11 thing you may ask? Well it all started when I was a stressed out young teenager. I began to notice that I would randomly look at my digital clock and it would be (yep you guessed it) 7:11 (eleven past seven!!) am or pm. I also began to notice that I usually had a pretty good day when I saw this time.

I soon started seeing this time or the number 711 everywhere, on random things like number plates, phone numbers, or advertising. It soon became a good omen for me to see this time/number.

So this time/number has now become a great personal sign for me. It doesnít guarantee that something amazing is going to happen in that moment. It is a reminder for me to have faith in what I am doing, and faith in life. When you have faith then nothing can really get you down, or lead you astray from where you want to go.

I hope everyone has faith in themselves and life, because it just makes life so much better and enjoyable when you do.



Please email me with your query and contact details, and I will call or email you back asap. Thanx


Creative Pioneers 2012

July 2012

Out of nearly 1000 people I have successfully been chosen to be part of the Creative Pioneers 2012 Can Starts. New and exciting App coming soon!!

12 May 2010

I submitted my one page website ( to a great website called This website showcases websites that only have one page. There are some really awesome designs here, so I'm happy they are now displaying mine as well.

Thanx to the team. ;)

One Sugar To Go

One Sugar To Go 19 April 2010

One Sugar To Go was a great success on Sunday (18th April 2010) with all art works sold on the day.

I also created a piece to be auctioned (view right), called "I can't believe it's not metal". Though it was made completely from metal, as I thought that would be funny! It sold to a good friend. Thnx ;).

It was a great day with lots of entertainment. Definitely a great way to display new art! Big ups to Sam and Jessie for their dedication on putting on the event.

One Sugar To Go

1 March 2010

Please check out One Sugar To Go. A close friend has organised a fund raiser for the Leukaemia Foundation. If you are in Perth on the 18th April 2010 head down to Luxe bar. - Artworks by emerging and established artists from around the globe will be exhibited in a unique format and available for sale through auction, with the proceeds donated to the Leukaemia Foundation. GoLive

Feb 2010

Finally created a new website to give people a liitle sample of my work ;)

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